We will participate in inspiring Dharma lectures, meditate together and strengthen our connections via outdoor activity.


Michael Gröppler

lives in Regensburg, Germany. He is 48 years old and took refuge in 2000. He has been teaching as a traveling teacher for one year after Lama Ole had asked him to teach 3 years ago. Since 2002 he has been traveling with Lama Ole for 2-6 months every year. He has a real estate company.


Bea Amar

was born in 1970 in Bonn, Germany and grew up on the country side. She has lived in the Cologne Buddhist Center, Munich and in the Copenhagen Buddhist Center. Today, Bea’s work has taken her back to Cologne and Munich. She took refuge in 1995 and in 2011, Lama Ole asked her to teach. She is a professional health therapist and has a PhD in Tibetan Studies.


If you have never been to a Diamond Way Buddhist center and would like to participate in the event, we advise you to first attend an introductory lecture on Thursday, 30.5. at 19.00 in the Diamond Way Buddhist center Ljubljana.

The rest of the program will be held at the address Čepovan 179.

Friday, 31. May 2019

18:30 Dinner
20:00 Lecture: The meaning of the Sangha

Saturday, 1. June 2019

8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Meditation
10:30 Sangha time*
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Lecture: Teacher and Student Relationship
*If the weather allows, we will go hiking, so please bring proper shoes! We will have lunch in a mountain hut and the price of the lunch is not included in the course price.

Sunday, 2. June 2019

8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Questions & answers + meditation

Accomodation info

  • We can sleep in a house, but you need sleeping bags! The house can host 30 people.
  • It is also possible to sleep in a tent. In this case, you have to bring it with you.


Recommended donations

  • Whole course: 40€
  • Individually:
    • 5€/lecture
    • 3€/breakfast
    • 4.5€/dinner
    • accomodation: 5€/night



Please, register here!



Address: Čepovan 179



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+386 40 586 954
+386 40 450 468
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